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ShieldPass Zen Cart Security Plugin
Simple Zen Cart Plugin
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compatible: 1.3.9 files: 2

Simply place your physical access card on the screen and enter the random numbers which appear to log in as a single use password.

ShieldPass is a secure online access system which uses visual one time passwords to prevent hackers intercepting your normal Zen Cart administrator passwords.

Buy ShieldPass access cards for your website and securely control who has access to your important business administration. ShieldPass uses the PassWindow authentication method which prevents unauthorized access to your internet service against the widest possible range of online attacks. [ref] ShieldPass cards for you and your staff are securely mailed and you simply place the access cards on the screen to be able to read the secret one time use passwords or any specific authentication information.

This technology is so simple hackers have no online tricks to bypass the authentication as they do with software firewalls and other electronic authentication methods.

The ShieldPass access cards work securely on personal computers, work terminals, laptop, netbooks, tablets or mobile and are convenient to carry with you at all times in your wallet or purse.

Start by creating a ShieldPass administration account to manage you and your user's access cards and then buying the access cards you need.

ShieldPass Zen Cart Configuration

Plugin Installation Instructions:

  1. Create an account at and buy your ShieldPass access cards.

  2. After signing up and activating your account, download the ShieldPass Zen Cart plugin zip file.

  3. Find your renamed admin folder and replace the file (admin\login.php) file with ours and also add the shieldpasslib.v2.php file in the same admin (admin\) folder

  4. In the login.php file fill in the "Public Key" and "Secret Key" generated in your ShieldPass administrative panel. Also, enter the ShieldPass card ID value that you'd like to require ShieldPass login. Multiple user access cards can be configured by editing the card id value to match the phpBB username.

  5. Upon navigating to the Zen Cart administration login page, you'll be prompted to superimpose your access card using ShieldPass's two-factor authentication service.

  6. While not recommended for those with memory problems you also have the option in the login.php configuration options to turn Zen Carts username and password feature off and rely entirely on ShieldPass access to your administration.


Plugin Author: Matthew Walker
ShieldPass founder, based in Singapore. Matthew is fluent in English.
We welcome contact by any security professionals who wish to contribute to the security or functionality of this script.


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